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Preschool Toys – Little People

May 30th, 2008 by admin

blocks.jpgWhen people come over to visit us they always notice that we have a ton of toys. We always say “We buy toys we like to play with too.” Read the rest of this entry »

Bubble Week

May 21st, 2008 by admin

Make your own bubble solution. You can use dish soap and water, and test it until you can blow bubbles easily. Read the rest of this entry »

Preschool Activities for Bubble Week

May 20th, 2008 by admin

This site has a lot of great information for bubble week. If you do your library trip during the week you will love this list, there are quite a few books on there you can get. There are some fingerplays and songs and more. I hope you enjoy it, Im sure you will.


Preschool Theme Bubbles

May 19th, 2008 by admin

My kids love bubbles. We actually blow them quite often with the huge wands from the store and then this past weekend they got a bubble machine for their birthday. Of course they love. They are so mesmerized by bubbles.

With bubbles in mind, check out the bubble theme from everything preschool. They put together lots of categories to follow about fun things to do with bubbles, I’m sure you will find something your kids will love.

I won’t be doing the wading pool of bubbles any time soon, but the yogurt running bubbles sounds fun.


Community Helpers Preschool Activities

May 18th, 2008 by admin


Community helpers are very familiar to small kids. They are everywhere in the exciting world they are discovering with their parents. To start off you can let them talk about the community workers they know best.

Read the rest of this entry »

Community Helpers Preschool Crafts

May 15th, 2008 by admin

community helpersFirst School has some great crafts to do as far as police officers go.

There is a police hat the kids can color. You can help them cut it out and staple some elastic to it and they can wear it as a hat. There is a badge they can color as well. On the back put some rolled up tape or some velcro and they can wear this as well.

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The Letter C for Community Helpers Preschool Theme

May 14th, 2008 by admin

Today we are going to make a large letter C.

On a piece of paper put the letter C and give one to each child. Then supply each child with a bowl of cheerios and glue. Allow them to put the cheerios onto the letter C while explaining to them that many things start with the letter C and give them some examples (community helpers, candy, cheez its, cloud, car, candle, comb, clock, and crayons).

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