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10 Ideas For Old Fashioned Retro And Mechanical Toys

October 1st, 2010 by admin

Some parents let their kids play on the computer from the earliest age. This probably has some advantages, but I always think chances are that today’s kids will spend a huge part of their lives in front of some kind of computer. So it would be a wise idea to introduce them to other things in life as well, don’t you think? Sports and outdoor games, paper arts, playing with old fashioned toys, or even making them are all great options to develop more curiosity, creativity and wider worldview in your children.

And early childhood is the best time for this – in school it could be too late. Here are 10 ideas for old fashioned and mechanical toys that can help you grow a smarter and happier kids:

1. Wooden car. Wooden toys are a great option for so many reasons – they are safe, ecological, warm and simple. Kids can easily understand them and the way they work. Wooden cars are great especially for boys – very often they even want to make them on their own. And making wooden toys isn’t that hard!

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