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8 Websites With Thanksgiving Crafts for Children

October 4th, 2011 by admin

The holidays are perfect times during the year to sit down with your kids and work on projects that are both educational as well as fun. Thanksgiving crafts for children are especially important, because not only do they offer colorful, fun projects to work on, but they also teach children about a very important time in American history.

Whether you’re an American mom or dad trying to come up with ways to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday with your kids, or you’re a teacher coming up with classroom activities to teach your students more about the American history, thanksgiving crafts are an idea tool that you can use.

When it comes to crafts, the Internet offers an entire assortment of fresh, creative crafts to choose from. These crafts range from projects as simple as creating a paper mache turkey, to activities as complex as creating a Thanksgiving bouquet basket with moss, ribbon and a woven basket.

If you’re searching for the best Thanksgiving crafts for children on the Internet and you’re a bit overwhelmed by the variety of sites out there, the following are 8 of the best websites that offer high-quality projects that are formatted in very easy to follow project pages.

Kaboose Thanksgiving Crafts

Kaboose is one website that has really established itself as a leader when it comes to content for parents, teachers and kids. It is a site that is devoted to offering moms in particular with great ideas and activities to do with their children. There is even a section titles “Just for Mom.”

thanksgiving crafts for children
An Assortment of Thanksgiving Crafts

On the Kaboose website, you’ll find a well organized Thanksgiving section with printables, decorations and of course a “Crafts” section that is further organized into craft types. These include categories like easy crafts, new crafts, turkey crafts and more.


FamilyFun is a website that is famous for offering bored families with fun things to do. Fun is at the heart of the website, which makes sense since it is owned and operated by Disney. Because the site is so well funded and professionally operated, you can depend on finding really high quality Thanksgiving craft ideas.

thanksgiving crafts for children
Thanksgiving Ideas on FamilyFun

The range of craft ideas on this site is surprising. You’ll find creative activities like “feather foliage”, which involves using fall leaves in a rather creative way, or “Give Art a Whirl” that involves using a salad spinner to distribute a colorful turkey tail pattern onto paper plates. You’ll also find great decorating ideas here as well.

Thanksgiving Crafts at Amazing Moms

If you’re a mom, and you hope to make it into the ranks of “Amazing Moms”, then this website is for you. The primary goal of the site is to help moms that are in search of fun crafts and activities to do with their kids.

thanksgiving crafts for children
Thanksgiving Crafts for Children

There isn’t a very long list of crafts at this particular website, but the dozen or so activities you do discover are all very creative and very fun for kids. For example, you can create a handprint turkey with only a handprint (great for very small toddlers), or create a cute, wide-eyed turkey out of a pine cone straight from the back yard.


FreeKidsCrafts is a family website in more ways than one. It is actually owned and operated by three generations – grandmother Betty, mother Terry, and Terry’s teenage daughter Jamie. The website is a beautiful extension of the close relationship between these three women, and the quality of the content shows it.

children learn about computers
Fun Crafts at FreeKidsCrafts

In the Thanksgiving crafts section, you won’t just find a simple text list of craft titles that you need to click on and hunt through. Instead, you’ll find a well laid-out display of each craft, complete with the title, a small thumbnail picture, and a brief description of the craft. See something you like – click on the title and get started.

Thanksgiving Crafts at BlessedMom

When you’re doing crafts with kids, the presentation of craft instructions is critical. You want a display that shows the completed craft, a quick and accurate list of required materials, and easy-to-follow steps. That’s exactly what you’ll find at BlessedMom’s hubpages blog entry listing three fun crafts to try with your kids.

teaching computers to children
BlessedMom Crafts

You’ll find three ideas in this blog entry – a Thanksgiving turkey hat, a large Thanksgiving tree, and a stuffed pumpkin finger paint craft. There aren’t many here, but these particular craft ideas are creative and the page is very well laid out and easy to use.


No list of craft ideas would be complete without a mention of Parents. This is the website of the popular magazine, but these craft ideas do not require a subscription. Parents offers an assortment of 10 very colorful craft ideas for the holiday.

teaching computers to children
Parents Crafts

Each of these craft ideas are laid out in a gallery-like format, where you can browse through the ideas from one to the next just by clicking on the “Next” button. Once you find the one you like, gather up your kids, collect the materials you need, and start creating!


TipJunkie is a blog created by “Laurie”, a mom that started the site to offer families with tips on how to live a more creative life. So, it goes without saying that her list of 36 ideas for Thanksgiving are particularly creative.

teaching computers to children
Laurie’s List of Links

This is another blog entry layout, and the craft ideas are not Laurie’s own. However, she spent a lot of time digging up individual craft ideas from around the Internet, and each link in this blog will take you directly to an individual page for that craft. With 36 listed ideas, you’re sure to find something your kids will like.

Busy Bee Kids Crafts

BusyBeeKidsCrafts is a site devoted entirely to activity ideas for kids. The layout of the site is very clean and easy to navigate. At the Thanksgiving section, you’ll find a list of ideas with thumbnail images and identified by age level for difficulty.

teaching computers to children
Age Appropriate Crafts

This page features nearly two dozen Thanksgiving crafts for children. Just find one that matches the age of your own child or your class of students, and then click on the title. The instructions page is also well-designed, and each step features an actual picture of what completing that step should look like.

All holidays are a very important time to take a break from your everyday work and just spend time with your kids. For a lot of people, just spending time with kids can be stressful. It’s important to keep children engaged and keep their mind occupied with fun and creative activities. Thanksgiving represents one of those times of year when there’s no shortage of interesting projects to try.

So browse the list above, choose an activity that looks fun to try, and spend a little bit of time with your kids. It’ll be time that they’ll always remember.

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