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Preschool Jokes- Knock Knock

March 19th, 2008 by admin

3155587thm.jpgMy oldest son is 4 now, just last week was his birthday. Anyhow today he says to me Knock, Knock, I said who’s there, and we went through the whole bit, except… he never finished the joke.

He just kept saying Banana and then would restart the joke. It was so great. I hear from other people that 4 is the age they start this. It is so amazing the things they pick up so easily once they turn 4. I assume he got it off of backyardigans today, yes my kids do watch tv, just a little bit.

Anyways, so I thought I would share the link we found on knock knock jokes to teach your preschoolers once they are interested. This and the printables from yesterday on drawing lines were our activities today. And of course Daddy read to him as well.

We especially liked the banana split so I screamed one since he was already saying banana.


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