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Printable Flat Stanley

August 4th, 2010 by admin

The Flat Stanley Story

Inspired by Jeff Brown’s book entitled Flat Stanley, this activity is designed to encourage children to share ideas and information with others, and taking part in the project is a good way to improve reading and writing skills. It also combines writing with many school subjects, including math, science, geography, social studies, and art.

To participate, the child creates a drawing of the book’s main character and cuts out the figure. Next, he takes him to visit other people or to see local points of interest, and he records his paper pal’s experiences in a journal. Then Flat Stanley, the journal, and a letter explaining the project are mailed to someone else who continues the activity and documents the character’s adventures in the small book.

After a few days, the flat friend and journal are returned to the original sender. Sometimes the character returns with souvenirs, postcards, or photos showing places to which he traveled or people with whom he visited. Flat Stanley has had some exciting adventures during his lifetime. He’s met several presidents, appeared on television, and even gone into space on a NASA Space Shuttle!

Read more: http://www.flatstanley.com/how.html

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