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Fun Games to Keep Your Children Entertained in the Car

November 5th, 2010 by admin

This is a guest post written by Lauren Dzuris. Lauren runs FindMyCarSeat, a website on Booster Car Seats that can help new parents find a great car seat, while giving them tips, and advice on everything from pregnancy to parenting.

There’s nothing worse than trying to enjoy a nice road trip while your children are in the back complaining about every little thing. We all know they, “don’t want to go”, “it’s taking too long”, and “they’re hungry all of a sudden”. Although most children don’t enjoy a nice long car ride, you can make it a little more entertaining. Besides, who wants to just look out the window the whole time anyway?

To make car rides a little more fun, you may want to consider a few of these fun games for entertaining your children.

Nintendo: First of all, what child doesn’t like Nintendo? If you know you’re going on a long car ride, be sure to bring their Nintendo with them. Whether they have the old Gamy Boy, a PSP, or a Nintendo DS, there are several fun games out there to play. Not to mention, there are some good learning games they can play as well!

Portable games: Check the toy isle in your local shopping store. Sometimes you’ll be able to find games that are made just for the car. For example, they have Guess Who, and a mini checker board that is made for a car ride.

Brain games: You want to join in on the fun? If so, play some fun brain games. I always liked the alphabet game. What you do is say a name of a food item, for example “peach”. Now, someone has to choose a food item that starts with “h”, since peach ends with “h”. You can’t repeat any foods, and they all have to be singular, so no “es” or “s” endings. This really gets your brain thinking!

Road games: Take advantage of the road, and play some fun games! Whether you try to name all the cars that pass you, or you try to guess what the person in the vehicle beside you looks like based on their car, you can really entertain yourself. Road games are fun, which ones can you come up with?

Riding in the car doesn’t always have to be boring. In fact, it can be quite entertaining. So, consider a few of the games above, or try making up a few more by using your imagination.

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