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Educate Your Kids The Fun Way With These Sites

March 9th, 2011 by admin

Looking for a way to educate your kids without hard work? You won’t have to try to hard to get them to love these fun, but educational sites.

SFS Kids

SFS Kids offers fun with music. It’s a great way for your kids to gain a  detailed knowledge of the musical world while still having  fun and,  since it’s run by the San Francisco Symphony, you can be sure that the  musical information is reliable. The   Music Lab is divided into 8 sections, starting with the basics, where kids learn the language of music – all about notes, staffs and more.

Next, it’s off to the tempo section, to find out about the speed of music  with an on-screen metronome. (The accompanying band is optional.) In successive sections, kids learn about rhythm, pitch and harmony as well as the different symbols. There’s also the chance to experiment with different instruments, try playing some preset tunes via an on-screen piano keyboard and finally to make up their own tunes. One of the best things about this site is that kids can experiment while they learn, so it won’t feel like a chore, and at the end of it they will know much more than at the start about music.

National Geographic Kids

It’s no surprise that the National Geographic Kids site is a Parents’ Choice and Webby award winner. It offers a wide range of activities for kids which combine education with fun. There are photos and videos of different animal species (and, as you would expect, the photos are amazing!). There are stories on different topics, including environmental issues. The site includes an array of activities such as scientific experiments and craft projects and there’s the chance to learn about people and places around the world. Kids will also enjoy the blogs by other kids on relevant topic. Then there are the games, which will attract most kids.

These include interactive, action, puzzle and geography games as well as  quizzes and other games. Whether your kids want to help frogs catch flies or visit the solar system, there’s something for everyone on this site.

NASA Kids’ Club

If your kids really want to go into space, though, the place to be is the NASA Kids’ Club. This site is chock full of space-related games your kids will love. Start by choosing one of the skill levels (from one to six) to find appropriate games, then get started! Each game has instructions, then the rest is up to your kids. Some of those level six games are pretty challenging! At the bottom of the home pages are some other games while at the top your kids can play space exploration and other games.

Even if your kids have exhausted the games, there’s also information on the people who are in space now, as well as photos of space tools and equipment. With these three sites, it won’t be hard to encourage your kids to explore.  They’ll have fun and you’ll be happy knowing that they are learning at the same time.

This post was sent to us by Lior who is a marketing consultant to Kids Chair World, a kids furniture company.

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