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Top 5 Easter Craft Projects For Kids

March 21st, 2011 by admin

Easter is one holiday that kids eagerly await. Involving your children in Easter themed craft projects makes the celebration even more special for them. So here are five surefire projects to bring out their creativity.

If your kids love to draw, they can create their own Easter T-shirts using transfer fabric crayons. It’s simple and easy to do. Just have the kids draw an Easter design in pencil on regular non-glossy drawing paper. They could also trace a bunny, chick or Easter egg picture from a coloring book or use a stencil. Once they have an outline, they simply color it in with fabric crayons. Transferring their picture to fabric will require your help; it’s an iron-on transfer. Once you have transferred the design, the kids can color it in again and it can be reused. If there is a baby in your house, let the kids make an Easter transfer that you can apply to a bib for a baby carrier or a plain infant bodysuit. The finished transfers are machine washable.

A great Easter project for girls is edible jewelry. All you need is elastic cord, large darning needles and a supply of jelly beans (Jelly Bellys are ideal but any type of jelly bean will work). The kids can make necklaces and bracelets by using the darning needle to thread the jelly beans on the elastic cord. As soon as the strings of candy are long enough, simply tie them off. They’re pretty and tasty too.

A simple but always popular Easter craft project is Bunny ears. They are great for an Easter party and simple to make. All you’ll need is white and pink construction paper, scotch tape or a stapler and some craft glue. Have the kids cut out strips of white construction paper two inches wide and long enough to make a headband. Tape or staple the ends together to fit each child’s head. Next have them cut out two eight inch long white ears and two smaller pink ears, then glue the pink ear shapes inside the white ones. Glue the bunny ears to the headband and you’ll have a whimsical party favor the kids will love.

Another great Easter craft idea is Easter egg sun-catchers. To make them you’ll need sheets of clear acetate, glass paints and some pretty ribbon. Have the kids cut the acetate into egg shapes then place the acetate eggs over a printed design or one that they’ve drawn themselves. They can then use the glass paints to create a stained glass effect. Once the paint has dried, punch a hole in the top, tie a ribbon through and hang the egg in a window.

An Easter piñata can be great fun for the kids to make and is always a hit at parties. Use a large round balloon as a base for the papier-mâché piñata and inflate it until it is the right shape for making an egg, bunny or chick. Make a flour and water paste then dip strips of newspaper into the paste and apply to the balloon until it is covered with at least three layers of paper. Once it is completely dry, it can be painted and decorated. Cut a flap in one side with a serrated knife, and fill the piñata with Easter candy and tape the flap shut. Punch two holes in the top and pass a string through to make a hanger. The kids will have a blast whacking away at the piñata to release a shower of Easter treats.

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