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Community Helpers Preschool Themes- Police

May 5th, 2008 by admin

An important community helper theme for preschoolers is the police man. They should learn what to say when they get lost and know some basic safety rules.

Personal Safety

Let them use a toy phone to practice dialing 9-1-1

Help your children learn to say their name, address, and telephone number.

Invite an Police Officer from your local police department to visit your group and explain safety rules for the children to follow. It is helpful to prepare a few in advance.

Traffic Safety

Talk with your children about traffic lights and what the colors red, yellow, and green mean.

Traffic Signs: Using appropriate colors of poster board and make a set of familiar traffic signs: a stop sign, a yield sign, a one-way sign.

Police Theme Craftspolice.gif

Here is a police officer coloring sheet if you would like, it is a little small, but makes a useful tool in teaching kids how important it is to recognize a police officer if they are ever lost or in trouble.

Download this coloring sheet of a police badge for kids to put their names on if they want to be a cop themselves.

Dramatic play should help a lot with driving home the point that police officers are very helpful in bad situations, if you can practice with them and let them be the police officer I’m sure you could let them be the hero of the situation and they could find several items you may have lost, such as your pets, or your husband. Have a great day!

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